Pure Fiber Broadband is Coming to Pinedale

Preflight (The Planning Phase)
We study the feasibility of adding new areas to our network.

  • We work with local government to secure permits.
  • Our engineers secure right-of-ways (which are a big deal in Wyoming).

Design (Update For Pinedale)
We’re determining where to build out and design our network with an early construction plan that will work for your town.

  • In consultation with local stakeholders we map out the network.
  • Pre-registrants help Union to prioritize construction of the network to where the demand is highest.

NOW Construction (The Slightly Messy Phase)
Construction is underway in Pinedale.

  • You’ll see our crews in your neighborhood. (You can talk to them – they don’t bite!)
  • In this phase, fiber-optic cable is placed in the ground and connected to our network.Build Area

The Detail Work
The last step before fiber is lit and ready for subscribers.

  • Our Operations crews make final connectionslihe network is tested.
  • The Engineering Department finalizes network paths and ties they system together.
  • After these steps, service is ready for new customers!
What Our Customers Are Saying

"We rely on a strong internet connection to run our business. Without it, it’s hard to function. We have not been disappointed with our service from Union. I would tell people to get Union Broadband today."

Mary Jo Folks, Office Manager, Obo’s Market & Deli

"I like our broadband service because it is reliable. I don't have to think about it. I like it because it's always there."

Kyle Young Owner, Hanna Market, Hanna Wyoming

“Homeschooling four kids, each using the internet for their studies, wouldn't be possible without broadband from Union.”

D'Ron Campbell ~ Mom & Teacher, Saratoga Wyoming

"Whether I’m in the studio or working from home, our internet is fast and it’s always there for me. It’s one thing I don’t have to worry about."

Kate Lamberti Owner, Body Works, Lyman Wyoming

I can’t say enough about the reliability and speed of our connection, and the customer service we receive from Union."

Peggy White Manager, Flaming Gorge Market, Manila Wyoming

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