Peggy White, Manager

Flaming Gorge Market

Passing Manila’s Flaming Gorge Market on the way to its namesake reservoir, you’d be forgiven for thinking of it as just another small-town market. But the truth is it’s a vital lifeline for the local community and visitors alike.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the market is an indispensable resource for securing a fishing or hunting license; the nearest other option is 55 miles away. Managing two separate computer licensing systems, for the state of Utah and Wyoming, can be challenging, but Peggy and her staff are able to process over 200 licenses in a single day. Whereas the online processing used to take several minutes per license, each now takes mere seconds, thanks to the market’s use of Union broadband internet service.

Peggy and her staff also use the internet to help senior citizens search online for products or services they might need. It’s a free service, of course, because that’s how neighbors are in this part of the world.

Before switching to Union, thanks to windstorms and other weather events, the market’s service was sometimes spotty. That’s no longer a concern. But as much as she likes the speed and reliability of Union’s service, Peggy likes something else even more. “Above all, I appreciate the customer service,” she says. “Every time I have ever called, a real live person has answered the phone. And that person has always been able to help, even if the problem wasn’t something of Union’s doing.”

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