Here's why our fiber-fed wireless broadband is better

Whether it's the Gig-speed of a pure fiber connection or a wireless feed from one of our cell towers, we use the best available technology to meet your needs – no matter where you live.

For our more rural customers that means wireless internet service. Also known as fixed wireless, ours is the fastest, most reliable service available. It’s better than other providers' service. Really.

Why? Because your connection comes to you from one of Union’s nearby fiber-fed cell towers using licensed frequency spectrum. Other providers can’t say that. The illustrations below help explain it better than we can say it.

Something to know: Wireless Internet Service Providers are known as WISPS.


Fiber-Optic Connection

We run fiber-optic cables to our cell towers. (We own and maintain over 300 towers, all built by our people.) From the tower, your internet signal travels a very short distance, known as the ‘last mile,’ to a base station in your town and on to your home.


Signal Bounce

Bouncing signals across multiple towers is the norm for other WISPs. This method results in a weaker and occasionally unstable signal. The further the airborne signal travels, the higher the latency, which results in web pages loading slower.


The Weather

On its way to you, Union’s internet traffic travels through buried fiber-optic cables to the tower servicing your town. Unlike other providers tower hopping method, your service is protected from the elements. And in Wyoming, this matters.


Licensed Frequencies

Union has invested in prioritized access to licensed frequencies - we pay for a guarantee of no interference across the frequencies we use to deliver service to you. Other providers use the unlicensed 5Ghz Wi-Fi spectrum - the same band used by a home router and any number of common ‘smart’ devices, like video doorbells, streaming devices, security systems, and more. It’s a crowded spectrum and can interfere with your internet connection.


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